How To Approach Influencers When Making Instagram Campaigns

Not too long ago, when you heard the word marketing all that could come to your mind was billboards, posters, adverts on radio and TV and public selling. Content marketing is now taking over and people who understand how it works are already enjoying good profits from it. Social media is playing a very important role in content marketing because of the high number of users and ease of use. Influencers are helping brands in various campaigns because of their influence and a high number of followers. The following are simple tips on how to use Instagram influencers to improve your campaigns


    1. Set your objectives


Different campaigns have different aims and you should thus set what you want to achieve in the end. Do you want to increase the number of followers, increase sales or create awareness for your products? The approach you take for each of the above goals will differ and it is thus important to have some plans. You have to approach different influencers and enquire if they are conversant with the type of campaign that you are just about to launch. There are some who might be good at increasing the number of followers while others are good at making sales.


    1. Prepare your pitches


It is your duty to contact the influencers and request them to help you with your campaigns. Charges will differ from one influencer to the other depending on the type of posts you want and the engagement levels on their accounts. You have to list down what you want to achieve from the collaboration for the influencers to evaluate and come up with a strategy. Do not be a micromanager but allow the influencer to employ his or her creativity when coming up with the posts. You can request the influencers to share their personal emails so that you can have a formal engagement.


    1. Take advantage of automation tools


Involving an influencer does not mean that you can relax and believe that all your marketing needs are taken care of. You still have to toil and keep your followers engaged for you to achieve the set goals. Fred Harrington gives insights by reviewing some of the most common bots that can help you succeed in Instagram campaigns. The only thing you have to do is create quality content and let the bot handle other activities such as liking new posts, searching trending hashtags and following new users on your behalf.