Boostfy Features Every Instagram User Should Know

Gaining real followers and likes on Instagram is made easy with applications such as Boostfy, which is designed with the objective of growing your account. Just like most Instagram bots, the app works through the use of filters and targeting. It allows you to target a specific group of people using a specific set of hashtags.

Let us look at some notable features of this popular Instagram growth service.


Once you specify a hashtag, the application automatically likes posts related to this hashtag. By letting you customize certain parameters, the software facilitates interaction with people within your location of interest. You can easily customize these parameters from the dashboard and any changes will be effected in your account in real-time.

Regular Notifications

The bot allows you to customize how to receive notifications of any account activities. It enables you to create vital filters that determine who to like and follow. It also generates daily reports and provides detailed analytics that help track the growth of your account over a specified period of time. This enables you to determine which targeting options are more effective to use.

Simple User Interface

Unlike other Instagram growth services, Boostfy is very easy to use. Simply go to its website’s home page to start your free trial. Provide your email address, username and password to access the dashboard. Once you confirm your email account you can connect your Instagram account as this is a mandatory part of the signup process. After this is done, you may add some targeting options and use them to gain followers. The free trial lasts for a few days. To continue using the platform you may need to upgrade to a premium package.

Automated Likes and Follows

Using Boostfy, you can easily like and follow other Instagram users basing on your filters. Any time the bot likes other peoples’ posts, they receive a notification that prompts them to check your account or interact with you. You can use it to blacklist some hashtags, posts, and accounts which do not interest you. This way, you will be able to prioritize your growth in a way that does not jeopardize the integrity of your account.

Live Chat

Lastly, Boostfy allows you to get in touch with its support team via the chat widget available on the website. You can visit this page right here to learn more about the features, pricing, safety, and alternatives to Boostfy as an Instagram growth service.

In Conclusion

One great advantage of Boostfy is that it stimulates reciprocated attention towards your account through the use of notifications. It is a nice way to get discovered and attract the attention of your competitors on Instagram.