Dealing With Lower Back Pain

Lumbar Lordosis: Dealing With Lower Back Pain

In the current modern age, people often spend their daily lives sitting on a chair. This routine has a negative consequence on posture, which eventually leads to various types of back problems. One of them is lumbar lordosis, a posture in which the lumbar spine moves forward.

Short Hip Flexors Leads to Lower Back Issues

When people sit too much, there is a tendency for hip flexor muscles to become tighter. Now, the effect of this is that the buttocks become emphasized backward and the stomach forward. It is that ugly posture in which you look lame and fat, and your butt sticks out. Eventually, it will cause your lower back muscles to spasm. Thus, your lower back will begin to hurt often, thanks to your awkward posture or lumbar lordosis.

Health Consequences of Lumbar Lordosis

You will not come out unscathed from the results of your bad posture. Not only will you experience muscle pain from spasms, but your blood vessels and nerves will undergo compression. Spinal discs also degrade at some point, which you do not want since this causes further complications. Now, you must be quite alarmed from what you are reading. Well, the good news for you is that you can correct this condition with therapeutic exercises.

Work Your Glutes

The principle behind correcting lumbar lordosis is to activate your hip flexors. You can do this by tightening your buttocks together, which may be quite difficult and uncomfortable initially. Doing this will also tighten your abs and correct the rest of your postures above, such as your chest and neck. After all, the hips are often at fault for bad posture. Oh, and this is only the beginning of your therapeutic exercises, there are even more difficult techniques to learn.

Reading Physical Therapy Resources

Nothing beats reading therapy books to learn how to correct posture issues, such as those from Free Your Spine. Or, you can also opt for reading articles about physical therapy for lordosis. If you have the time, you can search online for books and other resources on how to perform the glute bridge. This is your best therapeutic exercise for correcting lumbar lordosis. It activates your hip flexors and works them hard, so learn to maintain the position for one minute.


People often sit down for many hours in their daily lives, which can shorten hip flexors. The effect is a painful, bad posture, also called lumbar lordosis, in which the stomach and butt are both emphasized. However, one can correct lumbar lordosis with various glute exercises, such as the glute bridge.

Making Desserts

Prepare Meals With Cooking Techniques and Making Desserts

At one point, each person goes through a situation wherein he or she needs to prepare a meal. After all, food preparation is one of the most necessary activities for satisfying our daily needs. Also, not all the time would there be someone who would make a meal for you. And so, you need to learn how to cook food, but where should you start? Well, here are a few techniques you can use to prepare dishes.

Pan-Fry: The Easiest Method of Cooking

Pan-frying only requires you to add cooking oil or fat which the food will submerge in. When one side is already good, flip the food to start heating the other side. Fried food is quite common and loved by the people. Chances are, if you’re already an adult, then you should have an experience in frying. If you see a golden brown color and sufficiently crispy texture, then these are signs that your food is well made.

Deep-Fry: Submerge to Heat Up

Unlike pan-frying, in which only one side or surface heats up at a time, deep-frying allows for all-around cooking. You may even cook much food at the same time. Also, you may add breading and such. Furthermore, the result of deep-frying is a delicious fried food that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. You may want to invest in the equipment to get started with this delicious and easy way of cooking.

Grilling: The Beastly Way of Eating Food

The grilling method has been available since the oldest times. You only need dry heat for this. To get started, just burn coal and then put your food on top of it, either with a grill grate or without one. Grilling is quite easy and fun, even as you wait for your food to get cooked. This type of food usually has great flavor and aroma compared to fried food, which you will surely appreciate.

Sauteing: Medium to High Heat

Saute is the cooking of small bits of food with medium-high heat using a frying pan. You may add cut meat, seafood, and vegetables into the mix. Unlike frying, you only want food to become tender. Some even make their food jump while they cook it, hence its French name which means “to jump”. However, the jumping is unnecessary, so use a spatula instead.

Desserts Making: Going Beyond Necessary

Desserts are good for adding healthy food to fill in your nutrition gap since not all main dishes have the nutrients you need. Furthermore, desserts are quite enjoyable and allow you to leave a great aftertaste. Also, there are many types of desserts to choose from, such as cakes, frozen food and drinks, ice cream, pastries, and so on. A dessert smoothie would be a great suggestion for you, as its preparation is quite simple and it is nutritious. You may find a smoothie maker on that you can use for whipping up a dessert drink.


Learning to cook your food is quite fulfilling. There are at least four simple methods that you can learn to prepare a meal. Furthermore, you may add desserts after your main meals to make your time more enjoyable.


3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Stethoscopes

To listen well to the internal sounds of both humans and animals, you will need a stethoscope. Fortunately, stethoscopes with different designs are easily available.

And, when given a list of top-of-the-line stethoscopes to choose from, you may initially think that it’s impossible to decide on a great choice. However, if you focus on some essential factors, you will realize that the decision-making process is not so hard after all.

Here are three factors worth considering:

#1 – Construction

A stethoscope’s construction should be an essential factor. You want to choose a device that is useful and provides high levels of comfort to you.

An ideal stethoscope that fits the above-mentioned standards is a device crafted with an ergonomic design, form-fitting ear tips, and adjustable tension ear tubes. Such a construction style paves a natural way to a subject’s ears, which can prevent the buildup of discomfort and pain due to an extended period of use.

Going with a stethoscope with a simple design is also advantageous. In fact, since the 1940s, a stethoscope with a no-frills construction is one of the most used stethoscopes in the medical industry.

#2 – Purpose

Next, you should consider the stethoscope’s purpose. What will you be using it for?

If you are among pediatricians, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and even students, a basic stethoscope will do. Since you may be using it for a relatively limited period, a device with basic functionality is fine.

Conversely, a more advanced design for a stethoscope is best for high-tier professionals (e.g. cardiologists and doctors). These people should carry around a premium-grade device to assess a patient’s condition accordingly.

Here’s a brief guide on recommended stethoscopes for different professions:


    • For students, EMTs, and paramedics – features basic and functional design; portable and lightweight


    • For cardiologists and other doctors – features chest piece attachments and tunable diaphragms; allows clear (the best quality possible) transmission of sound; features adjustable tuning for frequencies


    • For nurses – features basic and functional design; portable and lightweight; comfortable to wear


    • For pediatricians – features smart tunable diaphragm



#3 – Cost

Lastly, you need to consider a stethoscope’s cost. An expensive stethoscope can come with top-quality features. And, compared to its inexpensive counterpart, it can be more durable.

On the other hand, it’s not a must to get an expensive stethoscope. Provided it is well-constructed, comes with a sturdy design, and features necessary attachments, your money may not go wasted. If you find such a device that suits your budget, go for it!