The Comprehensive Made to Measure Suits Cheat Sheet

Do you know how to wear a suit? Better yet, how much do you think you understand when it comes to dressing in a suit? These tips should get you going.

Get the Basics Right

This is where it all begins. You’re better off with a classic-cut, neutral colored suit save for funerals or black tie dinners. Why? Well, neutral colors are versatile and wearable on almost every other occasion. Plus, you can wear them with an assortment of shirt colors from navy to dark gray. Nonetheless, make sure that your shirt’s color doesn’t clash with that of your suit.

The Jacket Has to Fit

There are no two ways about this – your suit’s jacket has to accentuate your shoulders. The sleeves ought to sit on top of your wrist. They should also allow at least a quarter inch of your shirt’s cuff to show. The best made to measure jacket must fit around your biceps too. The lapels shouldn’t be more than three inches wide. Speaking of made to measure suits, be sure to visit to view a collection of fitting suits ideal for almost every occasion from dinners to weddings.

The Pants Have to be Long Enough

Gone are the days when short pants were fashionable. Ensure that your pants can fit you. Most importantly, they should break on top of your shoes. In other words, your pants shouldn’t be too short nor too long – just the right length.

The Shirt has to be of High-Quality

One of the primary reason you’re wearing a suit is to look elegant. You should, therefore, make sure that your shirt is of high-quality. Never assume that people won’t notice the quality of your shirt. The last thing that you want is to get into a closed-door meeting with a shirt that’s not looking so good. Be sure to inspect the crispness of the collar before you spend your money on any shirt. Apart from looking better on you, a quality shirt will make you feel better too.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot that goes into a wearing a suit correctly. Indeed, you want a complete look, so you should go for a great tie as well. As a rule of thumb, the tie’s width should be equal to that of the lapels of your suit’s jacket. Add a pocket square and don’t forget to polish your shoes. Of course, you have to wear socks with the right length. A thin belt is a must-have.