Factors for choosing the right conveyor belt for your conveyor system

Choosing conveyor belt depends on different factors which when oriented on, can make production easy for you. There are different factors to consider when making your purchases of conveyor belts. Once you are able to identify the factors for making your selections then it will be easier to select the conveyor belt that will suit your transportation of your product from one location to the other. The article explains various factors you need to consider when making your selection.

Use the right tool for the right job

One of the workshop rules says that “Use the correct tool for the correct job”. It also applies here; using the appropriate conveyor belt will always increase productivity. In selecting the appropriate conveyor belt one of the factor to consider is the object it will convey. Using a conveyor belt that is not appropriate will reduce productivity and thereby lead to lose. Therefore, when making your selection ask experts for guidance.

The type of material or product conveyed

This is also one of the significant points and the most critical one to check before ordering your conveyor belt. The type of material being conveyed will determine the type of belt to be used materials like food or pharmaceutical products uses a different belt to the aggressive ones having sharp edges.

Function of the Conveyor system

Another factor to consider when making your selection is the type of conveyor system it will be used on. For example, a conveyor system designed for indexing, positioning and other function has different belt settings to those used for moving an object from one point to the other. Therefore, when shopping for a conveyor belt you need to consider the conveyor system.


This is another factor that needs to be checked when selecting your conveyor belt. The environment is a big factor that does influence your productivity. For instance, a conveyor system that is designed to work indoor will have different conveyor belt settings to those who are designed to work in extreme temperature. Various factors like materials conveyed, operating environment among others do affect conveyor belt settings.

Conveyor system Configuration

Conveyor system configuration such as the size of the pulley, the maximum operating tension of the system, conveyor length, speed and other factors will all determine the type of conveyor belt to buy. This is the most important part that the engineer in charge of your conveyor system needs to check.

These are some of the factors that need to be considered when making the selection of conveyor belts. For assistance and advice, you can contact conveyor belt experts through this link http://www.conveyorbelt.com/