Laser Engraving Machine - Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Engraving Machine – Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever thought about getting yourself a laser engraving machine? If so you probably have a lot of questions like what it’s capable of and what not. In this post, we try to address as many questions you may have, starting with the most common one:

How is laser engraving done?

Laser engravers mark materials like plastic, wood, rubber, leather, and so forth. This marking happens through electricity, a low-powered beam slowly moves over the material and it actually burns the material but as the laser is so concentrated you won’t see any burn marks. Due to the oxidation the material under the surface turns black.

What is the best laser engraving machine?

We wrote another post on that but if you’re looking to buy such machine the first thing would be to check the user reviews if most people are happy with their purchase so would you I guess. Also make sure the materials the machine is made from and if it has a sturdy look or not, especially if you travel a lot and need to take the machine with you.

How much do these machines cost?

I’ve seen them for as little as a bit above one hundred dollars, and I’ve seen other models that maxed out around four hundred dollars. Do keep in mind that these are meant for home-use only. Commercial machines can run into the many thousands of dollars but that’s probably not what you are looking for.

Can you laser engrave glass?

Some of the non-commercial machines can, however, most can’t so make sure you read the descriptions in full detail and see if you can find some additional reviews that talk about engraving glass as I can imagine this requires a lot more power then engraving materials like wood or plastic.

You talked about black, can I engrave in different colors?

It is possible but it’s going to cost you big time. The only machines that allow for color engraving are the fiber laser engravers and these run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Probably not what you were looking for right?

What is a laser cutting machine?

Kind of an odd question as the question answers itself already but well… A laser cutting machine obviously cuts through the material while an engraver only engraves it. What else is there to say about it really, I mean come on, let’s get real 🙂