Manage your first aquarium with care

You don’t need a degree in fishery before you can set up your first aquarium. Aquaculture or the science of keeping fish is not restricted to the four walls of tertiary institutions. You can have an aquarium at home where you keep species of fishes that you like.

It doesn’t require rocket science to have your fish kept in a box in your living room, however, you need to know that just like other pets, they need your attention, and care to thrive. You must feed them properly yet, you must avoid over feeding, and the environment must be clean by changing the water regularly.

It sounds like awful lots of job, but you don’t need to entertain fear, it won’t take more than thirty minutes of your time every week. Before you get started you need to get some things on the ground to keep your new pets healthy at ¬†, you get the best expert advice on keeping a healthy aquarium.

  • Get gravel ready

Either coated gravel or pre- washed gravel, the first item that will make your dream aquarium a reality is to get good gravel ready that will be the aquarium bed. Since your new aquarium must a delight to watch, is better to devote time to select the best gravel that is evenly cut and smooth if you are the type that pays attention to details when observing things, you will appreciate  seeing the gravel buried in the deep of the water.

  • Get right decorations

There are many decorations that are available when you want to beautify your aquarium, but it is important that only decorations that are meant for aquariums are used, both live, artificial plants and artificial ornaments.

  • Chlorine free water

in order to make your fish safe, it is important to get a water conditioner to dechlorinate tap water and make it safe for fish. Water plays the most important role in fish survival, so you must ensure that your fish are in the type of water, of course, you won’t put saltwater fish in freshwater.

  • Prepare a good net

To have a good and healthy aquarium, you must be ready to change the water regularly and wash the gravel, because in flowing rivers, and oceans, nature as a way of cleansing the water bed from infections. So you must have a net for transferring your fish when you want to do clean up.

  • Gravel washer

Gravel washer will be convenient that using hands to clean gravel in the aquarium. So get it, if you want to enjoy cleaning your aquarium with sweat.

  • Fish food

Just like other pets, fish need special foods too, and you need to consult your dealer for the right type.

Fishes are gentle, lovely but fragile pets, so you must put in extra efforts to keep them healthy and swimming every day, but you don’t need a degree to keep an aquarium.