Promoting Your Music Through Instagram

As a musician, you can build a wonderful brand and create a strong fan base online using Instagram. You agree with me that the music industry keeps changing every day and it is becoming difficult to rise above the competition. That is why you need to use all the channels available to announce yourself to the world. Many great musicians use Instagram to attract fans and you should not be an exception.

Several new concepts have come up that you can use to grow your Instagram account and increase your exposure. One of these concepts is automation, which allows you to keep your account active without a hassle. You can learn more about this concept at Besides automation, you can also use the following concepts to guide you into achieving success in marketing your music on Instagram.

Create a Compelling Story

If you have experienced a decrease in the number of followers in the recent past, it could be that your profile is not captivating enough. Recently, Instagram launched Instagram stories, a feature that allows you to promote your content on your followers’ feed for a short span of time. Create a unique theme for this content and continually build on it.  Use photo editing software to customize your photos to fit this theme.

Use Hashtags in Your Posts

Instagram users use hashtags to locate new content and new accounts to follow. Use popular but relevant tags to be found easily. Create new ones each time but make sure they represent what your fans are looking for.

Engage Your Fans

One of the best ways to capture the attention of new followers is by engaging them. Follow their accounts and comment on their posts while keeping in mind of the Instagram limits. If one of your fans replies to your comments then ensure you engage them back. No one likes to be ignored.

Share Posts from Fellow Musicians

Follow musicians who have similar interests and use the right hashtags to share their content. Through sharing, their followers will be able to see your profile and may decide to join your audience.

Connect to Your Other Social Media Accounts

It is now easy to connect your Instagram account to Facebook and Twitter. You can also add Youtube links to your Instagram video clips to give your fans access to your full videos.

In closing

If you have chosen Instagram as a way of marketing your music, you need to define your winning strategy. Be active and use the right hashtags. Promote your posts and devise the best way to invite people to follow your account.