How Radio Presenters Are Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

The radio industry is in an intense competition for an audience with social media.  It is constantly trying to keep up in the market despite the rise in popularity of Instagram. This is because it has been lately used to perform functions that used to be done by the radio industry. However, it still uses social media, Instagram in particular, in various ways.

    1. Contact between the radio and the listeners

Instagram has been used as a way to communicate between the presenters and the audience.  Communications mostly happen through platforms that include hashtags and chat boxes. It is used to create room for various discussions. This is because it allows a room where individual comments and remarks are seen by other participants.

    1. Creates awareness of certain incidences and emergency

Majority of the people spend quite an amount of time on social media. Using this channel as a way to create awareness of a certain emergency or situation by the stations, is far much productive than broadcasting it on its frequency. This way it can reach a larger population and within a short time.

    1. As a live feed

Since the usage of social media is free and only data charges apply, it is possible to have a live feed, a platform that has received many views and transcription in the recent years. This helps in getting to listeners that feel uncomfortable or burdened listening to the radio mostly due to portability factor. It has also been used to cover those listeners that are abroad.

    1. Advertising

Since it can cover a relatively large target population, radio presenters use it as a platform where the radio runs advertisements on its page. This is more likely to reach a larger group than the use of the frequency radio. It has been noted that these adverts get a lot of views and responses as compared to those that it runs on its normal frequencies.

    1. Automation

Just like any other business, the radio stations have many activities that ought to be carried out in daily. This includes responding to questions and comments on Instagram and making posts. However, it automates this work so that concentration on core activates is achieved. There was a time that Instagress used to rule the automation space, but the company terminated the service. However, you can check it out because all is not lost as there are Instagress alternatives that perform even better.