Replacing Indoor and Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit Simultaneously Is Wise

Failure in the operation or performance of your AC is possibly because of an issue in either the outdoor compressor or indoor evaporator. Obviously, you may decide to replace only the failed component. It is tempting as you can save a lot of cash.

However, experts advise to replace both units simultaneously because the coils of indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser are designed to match one another. In addition, there are several bad things, which can occur if you ignore to replace both internal and external units together.

Reasons to replace both units together

Good efficiency means savings

SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and this rating expresses the ACs capacity to save energy and thus the operating cost. However, potential energy saving will depend on the matching components. Therefore replacing only the failed component with an upgraded part will not provide an enhanced SEER performance. Alternatively, it may likely hinder the performance as compared to its original matched system.

Advanced and traditional tech don’t blend

Updating both units simultaneously gives advantage of reliability and optimal efficiency. Thus, you save significantly over the appliances service life. Installing advanced unit on old system may void manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, you will need to incur the cost of replacing both units, when they fail. Visit to understand how a mismatch of the old and new system can hamper cooling performance and its expected service life.

Other unit will stop working soon

Just like any kind of mechanical device, AC components are all designed to provide similar service life. In case, the outdoor or indoor system reaches the failure point and need replacement then it is a sign that the other half will stop working soon. Therefore replacing both halves simultaneously is more cost-effective.

Lifetime cost savings

With compatible units, you pay low against cooling cost and negligible repair bills because you are provided with a warranty for the new equipment. Your warranty depends on matching components. In addition, your warranty on the old AC may to cover new components. Therefore, if you choose to replace only half the unit and issue triggers in the old component then you will not have coverage on either new or old.

Benefits of advanced technology

As time passes, technology development has introduced a lot of AC features to enhance energy savings and comfort. More efficient thermal expansion valves, coil designs, variable speed air handlers, etc are designed.

Thus, you can see the valuable reasons of why to replace the indoor and outdoor AC components, together.