Steps to Brush Your Hair The Right Way

At times, those things that seem like very simple tasks end up being the toughest to figure out. The same can be said of brushing your hair. Some people think that brushing the hair is all about picking up the hairbrush and combing through the hair, then repeating – there is more to it.

With the right hot air brush from Hot Air Stylers and a few tips, you can keep the hair soft, strong and shiny. So, what are the steps of brushing your hair the right way?

Using the Wrong Brush

Hot air brushes come in different types, each meant for a specific type of hair. If you are trying to style the hair using a hot air brush, you need to make sure that you match the brush to the type of hair that you rock.

If you use the wrong brush, you might end up damaging the hair, even snapping it.

Using the Wrong Heat Settings

You know that every kind of hair has its heat settings when you use a brush. If at all you didn’t know, then now you need to know your hair type and research on which heat settings are ideal for the right styling.

Most of the hot air brushes come with settings that can help you come up with the right ones for your hair type.

Using the wrong settings can damage your hair or make it dry up faster, losing its smoothness. Dry hair breaks easily, so make sure the settings are right before anything else.

Applying the Wrong Technique

When brushing your hair, the kind of technique you use matters a lot. If you use the right technique, the process becomes fast and effortless. On the other hand, if you use the wrong technique, you end up with hair that is in a mess, even after several hours of brushing it.

The right way is to apply shampoo first, then start from halfway down the length of the hair and apply firm strokes to brush towards the scalp. Brushing from the root towards the ends of the hair creates knots and damage to the hair.

Final Thoughts

Your hair is part of your look, and it dictates the impression you make. One of the basic ways of styling your hair, or preparing it for styling is to brush it. Brushing the hair makes it easy to style and condition, it also makes it grow well.