Types of IPad Cases

An iPad case is no longer an option when you own this device; you need it. You just bought an iPad, and you want it to last, scratch free? Then you need this case. However, with so many cases on the market, you need to get the right one to enjoy these benefits.

Here are a few types available on iThingum to help you know which one to choose.

Waterproof Cases

These cases protect your iPad from water and moisture. This is suitable for those owners that like taking their gadgets near water bodies such as the pool or the beach. This is also the right protection against water spills. The case isn’t only limited to protecting against liquids; the material also protects the iPad from scratches.


These are ideal for those people that are always on the move, such as businesspeople that need a case that is light and hassle-free. All you need to do is to slip in the iPad and out as quickly as you can. It is constructed of a light material for easy handling and cushioning to protect the unit as well. It shields the unit from bumps, smudges and dirt as well.

Carrying Case

This is designed like a messenger bag because it functions partly as a bag for carrying the iPad. It makes it easy to carry the iPad from place to place and comes with a few pockets to hold your accessories.

IPad Skin

The skin protects your iPad from several elements such as bumps, scrapes and dirt. The skin cases are made to be light and easy to handle. They are ideal for people on the go that don’t need any additional weight to their luggage.

Zipper Case

This is similar to the sleeves, but the standout feature is the zipper that is incorporated in its design. The zipper keeps your iPad secure within the case. The zipper cases are also a fashion statement since they come in different designs and colors that you can choose from.


These are book-like cases that are ideal for those individuals that wish to protect their iPads in a more classic case. It comes with a hard cover to protect your iPad against scratches and bumps.

The Bottom-line

Choose the right type of case depending on your preferences as well as your needs. The budget also comes into focus but don’t forget to choose the perfect fit for your iPad.