Want to Hold a Party with a Unique Theme – You’re at The Right Place

Want to Hold a Party with a Unique Theme – You’re at The Right Place

Tired of all those birthday parties as it’s always the same thing? Perhaps you need some inspiration for your birthday then as we can’t force it upon others. Although, you could obviously bring the topic per discussion when you’re among your friends and one might be obliged to adhere to your so subtle requests. If they lack ideas you can throw the following in the group:

Costume Parties Are Crazy Popular

Yep, it doesn’t have to be Halloween or like in Holland Carnival to justify a costume party, and I’m not talking about a white or a black party where everyone dresses in the same color. I bet you can come up with a much better theme like pets for example. That way people don’t really have an easy way out with some quick fixes but need to prepare for it well in advance. It’s even funnier when you’re all drunk and go out to the bar or club in your costumes, that would definitely mark your birthday as memorable as it can be.

Movie or Pizza Making Party

I’m sorry if I’m going to offend you but this sounds like the lamest idea ever for a party. I just dug up the idea with 26 insane party ideas but seriously, a movie marathon is a party? Rather just lock me up and throw the key away till the party is over as when I want to watch a movie I could just as well go to the cinema or do it at home, and a pizza making party, lmao. This isn’t going to be it and in fact, I shouldn’t have even included it in this list, but hey, if that’s your thing, have at it.

How About an Outdoor Party?

Now that does sound like an excellent idea, instead of a one-night-out party, you could go camping for a day and night or the whole weekend. This is definitely for the younger ones among us as I remember we loved to go to the woods and bring some special mushrooms with us, making a huge campfire and dance around it with the sticks. If that’s not your thing don’t forget to bring the marshmallows and plenty of beer and/or liquor of course as we’re going to have some fun in the words!

Dinner Parties With a Twist!

If you have only five friends to have a party with a dinner party is too small to really pack out so if that’s the case then I suggest you go for an outdoor party and get crazy drunk. However, if you have a large group of people to invite, say 20+ people at the very least you could consider hiring a venue (I hope you’re not too tight on your budget) and invite a band or a singer at the very least to really spice it up. Yep, there is no need to get married to throw a big ass party so why not pack out big for your 18th birthday or perhaps another milestone like30, 40 or 50, it’s all up to you.

Some Other Ideas for at Your Party

Do you still want to stick to a more traditional party? No problem at all as there are plenty of ways to spice it up, how about serving drinks in fruits like pineapples? That makes for one awesome cocktail I can tell you that. You can also hire a cotton candy machine, yep not just for kids parties, every adult loves this sweet stuff as well, maybe not everyone but most do, and you could even ask the candy guy if he can mix the ingredients with some vodka, now that would be something cotton vodka candy haha.

If you have a swimming pool and live in a hot climate you can also throw in some floating drinks because normally not everyone jumps in the pool. Now if they want to have a drink they must get into the pool or they won’t get it. No tricks available as you can use a larger rubber band and tight It on both sides of the swimming pool so that it doesn’t float away if this is your surprise party do make sure there’s enough swimwear for everyone available as we’re not all into skinny-dipping!

Summing It Up

If your next party isn’t going to end with a bang it’s definitely not me that’s at fault, I gave you some great ideas so no excuses. Just do it!