Ways to Get More (Real!)Instagram Followers

These days it is not as easy as it was years back to propel your brand to higher heights on Instagram. The social media platform is home to more than 1 billion users and also an ultra-smart algorithm. On top of that, the network has tons of smart and creative brands making it a competitive platform for building your account and boosting your following.

If standing out and showing off your brand is the primary objective you will have to work smarter and harder on Instagram. Still, here are some of the ways you can reach your target audience and acquire more followers on Instagram.

Get a Branded and Complete InstagramProfile

Ensure you pay attention to what your Instagram profile looks like. Make a great impression with your feed and ask people to follow you. You can link your Instagram profile to your homepage, so make sure that is on point.

When visitors hit your Instagram profile, they decide in a matter of seconds whether or not to follow you. They make this decision by scrolling through the feeds, reading your bio and clicking your stories highlights. Therefore, you need to have a great profile photo, Instagram bio, and active stories.

Use a Growth Service

Finding the help of a growth service will help you gain thousands of organic followers on your Instagram account. The company will provide helpful insights that will in return offer an easy and convenient way to grow your business and reach on the fast-growing network today.

More specifically, the company will research and create a unique hashtag web for both your content and audience. It will also implement a growth strategy and optimize the progress of your Instagram account. More than that, it assigns you a dedicated account manager with whom you can be in contact with in regards to the growth of your brand.

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Making the Most of Your Bio URL

Change your bio to your link once every two weeks and use a clickable link in your bio. The idea is to drive traffic to the new and popular content. You don’t want your bio to only link to your site’s homepage all the time.


These are not the only ways to get more Instagram followers. There are many more creative ways to get them. However, these tips will ensure that you acquire them fast without having to spend too much time and money.